NOW HIRING for a contract pediatric psychologist/mental health professional.

NOW HIRING for (2) Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists with at least 1 year of experience preferred.

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NOW HIRING for (1) Experienced OT, In-clinic

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​Pediatric Therapy Center

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Family-Centered Model
In family-centered speech therapy (ST), physical therapy (PT), feeding therapy (FT), and occupational therapy (OT), parents are the driving force and are empowered to become the child's primary facilitators by nurturing their child's strengths, identifying areas of need, working as a team with the clinician, and encouraging their child to reach new heights.

We are currently completing evaluations and therapy in-clinic and via telepractice for physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy and speech therapy!

All new patients receive a 1-1.5 hour evaluation with our clinicians to establish a personalized care plan.

 Call (540)514-8486 for scheduling for speech therapy (ST), occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), or feeding therapy (FT) at our Winchester location or for on-line telehealth evaluations. Click on the link to request an appointment through the website.

We accept most private insurance plans and forms of Medicaid for VA and WV.

​​I am sure I can speak on some families behalves, the one's who have children with special needs. This miraculous way of life sometimes can be extremely stressful on a regular basis. Then we find out therapies are out there and able to help parents and children learn how to cope & learn how to learn with this special way of being different.

I cannot elaborate enough for Soundstart, simply because truly we have been through so many agencies, companies and therapists and it was all because of scheduling. In general, lives can be very busy... well then add 16 appointments in one week with ABA, Speech, OT & PT!
Alayna is absolutely phenomenal and deserves recognition from the Owner of Soundstart because she has helped my family not only stay with the therapies but actually feel comfortable as well. I hate being a pain, but I have been but truthfully - it is because there are just too many therapies and not enough time. Not only is there an amazing receptionist, which is where the service begins with but the Therapists are *can't even find a word that suits them...* Astonishingly Remarkable.

Our daughter has learned in one week with Soundstart more than what TWO other companies have not been able to teach her in MONTHS. Linda, Allysa, Ciara, Carrie, Matthew (hope I am spelling all of these correctly! Forgive me if I am not) thank you from the bottom of this family's heart. We are having an amazing experience and consider ourselves blessed to be able to watch our autistic daughter blossom, learn and be who she is meant to be all the while, learning about ourselves too. You deserve more than these words, I hope Soundstart realizes just how amazing you people are.

-Miller Family     



This therapist is fantastic with children! She has a lot of experience and provides practical solutions. A dream to work with. Would definitely recommend her to others!

-R. Bartlett

"Carrie helped my son immensely with his speech delay. She has a real gift for assessing a child's needs. She also is excellent at urging improvement to keep a child moving forward, but never pushing too hard or in any way that would cause frustration or discouragement. In less than a year my son had reached his speech goals appropriate for his age. And, even though we are finished with speech therapy, she is still helping my family by working hard to get our insurance claims filed correctly. I definitely recommend Shenandoah Soundstart!"

-E. Sparks

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We are a staff of clinicians that promotes learning, enrichment, and development by providing quality, research-based, comprehensive care, support, and guidance to children (0-21) and their families.  

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