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What is  Feeding/Swallowing Therapy?

Who Benefits from

Feeding/Swallowing Therapy?

There may be a variety of factors that impact a child's feeding abilities and experiences.  Feeding therapy can occur individually as well as in a group.  Feeding therapy is a multi-disciplinary approacy that may involve families, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, dieticians, and physicians. A variety of strategies and approaches is used in feeding therapy. At this clinic, the SOS Approach to Feeding is the primary approach. This approach, developed by Dr. Toomey at the Star Institute, addresses sensory processing, behavioral, oral motor, nutritional, and motor skills in the feeding process.  

Feeding therapy may be beneficial for children who are picky eaters or children who are not utilizing a safe and effective swallow.  It may be benefiical for clients who are not increasing range and interaction with foods or using utensils, cups, or straws.  Those with feeding tubes (e.g., G-tubes or NG-tubes), oral or pharyngeal phase dysphagia, or restricted diets may benefit from feeding therapy.

Infant prior to 12 months- a combined approach with the parents and the clinician.

12-36 months- Individual therapy with the family and the clinician

36 months and up- Group/Individual therapy with the family and clinician.